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Quora Answer : Can Python's Django framework be scaled to build a huge website like Facebook?

Apr 19, 2018

Scaling is more a question of architecture than particular language.

A framework is part language, part architecture.

Certainly, Django out-of-the-box couldn't scale to Facebook size.

But something starting from Django (just as Facebook started from fairly standard PHP) could grow as large as Facebook.

You'd just need to keep supplementing it with appropriate architectural changes.

At some point you'll need to shard your data across multiple database.

At some point you are going to want separate queues of messages, probably not kept in your main relational database.

At some point you'll want lots of different microservices "integrated at the glass" (ie. in the browser), possibly sitting on different servers, with different local copies of the database in order for them to be fast to access. Then you'll have to figure out your strategy for updated data to percolate through these different servers / databases.


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