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Context : NeoReactionary, OnWokeness

Right-wingers like PeterThiel and MenciusMoldbug now sponsoring "edgy" young artists who may want to shock. But may also be growing a more sinister right-wing mindset.

Perhaps they just want to shake up the status quo and sow disruption.

It's kind of the VladimirPutin HyperNormalization approach to CultureWar, create a lot of confusion and internal divisions through sponsoring many sides of an argument, and then hope you've weakened your opponent.

PraxisSociety are NY scenesters in the post-woke / BitCoinCitadel space : is a kind of post-woke "edge" culture zine.

A tweet I made the other day : with respect to a video about KennethAnger films.

@enkiv2 Somehow it's kinda hilarious that kids these days are so woke that they can't even talk about satanic art without tying themselves in knots to try to explain how they really really don't secretly support evil shit.

I'm not criticising. I get it. But for us oldies, it is funny.

We grew up in a time where it wasn't automatically suspected that if you liked dark, edgy art it meant you were literally supportive of the content. Now it seems that assumption is so strong, you have to jump through hoops to protect yourself from it.

Obviously there is a "puritan" impulse in certain wokeness. I'm not going to criticise woke. I find it admirable and I fully support the intentions behind it.

But of course, you can't try to fix the wrongs of society through a campaign of mass disapproval, shunning and finger-wagging, and not sometimes cross the line into unjustified puritanism.

We all draw that line in different places, one person's liberation is another's oppression. One person's mind-expanding naughtiness is another's frightening disrespect.

We don't know how to handle or negotiate these differences. (See also ThePyramidOfHate)

But we are bound to irritate and alienate people sooner or later.

So I'm not surprised there's a backlash against woke. Or against the extremes, NOT just from older people who are upset that the norms of their time have changed. But from a younger generation, kicking against the orthodoxy, pushing at the boundaries of what has become acceptable.

Again, I don't condone it. I don't support or particularly like it. But increasingly I'm realizing that, pragmatically, WeWillHaveToLiveWithRightWingCulture