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Another CollaborativeDevelopmentEnvironment

(Maybe like CroquetOperatingSystem?)

It's more of an OperatingSystem than a CloudBasedIDE

What is Playbit actually building?

A DOM-like data structure for building collaborative software that works just as well while connected to the Internet as when running offline locally. This software can run natively as a Go or C library or in a web browser or JavaScript environment like NodeJS. It features zero-cost snapshots, a DOM-like API, subgraphs, aliases and permissions. It is a form of CRDT.

A UNIX-like operating system with a collaborative foundation. Multiplayer at the OS level with Sandboxes — a way to experiment and explore software in safe "branches" of your system. Playbit OS allows you to make a snapshot in less than a second of your entire OS or any part of it, make some changes and then revert those changes if you want. Another way to explore is to ask Playbit to give you an "overlay" sandbox. Changes you make within a sandbox can be saved as a "diff", discarded to reclaim disk space or shared with others. Sandboxes can be based on any part of any file system, including other Sandboxes. Playbit OS is based on the Linux kernel and makes use of VFS, ZFS, overlayfs, LXC and similar technologies to make Sandboxes possible.

An application that runs on macOS, Windows and some Linux-based OSes which provides the Sandbox feature to allow collaboration and safe exploration without asking you to use a different OS.

"Will this actually be a reality or are these just empty words?" Honestly it's hard to say. There's about 5 months work put into this project so far and with that, an increasing amount of certitude that Playbit is a good idea and worthwhile pursuit. Does this tickle your brain? Join the mailing list.