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The locus of right wing unity (between Libertarians and Conservatives) is the UnproblematicAcceptanceOfTheSovereignIndividual.

In fact, some times the right's appeal to personal responsibility is just a denial of the same concept. "I screwed someone with my actions/decissions but in fact was his fault because he didn't that or did so. It is not my bussiness".

For me the right's "Personal Responsibility" is in many cases just self-delusion.


This is interesting:

Seems that talking about personal responsibilities wrt ClimateChange reduces support for doing anything. (CategoryCopyrightRisk)

I've spoken before about the generally unhelpful nature of purity tests and the role BP played in popularizing the concept of personal carbon footprint and by association, personal guilt ... but the results of this study made even me say WOW.…

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