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News sites which allow ordinary people to post, with some centralized editing or distributed voting to decide what goes in.

  • OhMyNews
  • IndyMedia

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Story on OhMyNews :,3605,1266031,00.html

OhMyNews is allows anyone to be a reporter.

Different from blogging (OnWeblogs) because everyone selected ends up on a popular site, so guaranteed a largish audience for their story.

"I think citizens like to write their own articles, but simultaneously, they like to be edited by professional reporters," Oh adds. "OhmyNews is a kind of combination of the merits of the blog and the merits of the newspaper.

Interesting. A way for traditional journalism to assert it's editorial values. Contrast EditorializingIsParallelizable.

Also reminds me of the story about TimOReilly when he set up OReilly. He got techies to write the books, and professional writers to edit them. An interesting point. Get the people who know to generate and the people who know quality to test. (See also GenerateAndTestInParallel)

Might it work in Korea because their culture is more respectful of / demanding of authority? (Contrast CriticalRationalism)

MicroSoft try it :

End of 20th century journalism :

Gillmore interview :,1284,64534,00.html?tw=wntophead4

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