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Ovni is "UFO" in Portuguese. So OnviLounge is lounge music (think laid-back, easy-listening, funky, sensual, exotic, indeterminate ethnicity) for flying-saucer people (think three-heads, antennae and tentacles, the chill of interstellar space, robots, frontier electronics, charming scoundrels of the galaxy ... but keep your blaster handy etc.)

So come on! Relax and share a late-night drink (or party and dance) with weird friends from outer-space in the OvniLounge.

OVNI-lounge III : Cafe del Star

After our recent EPs, a return to the classic OVNI-Lounge formula.

An album of the most popular chill-out tunes for alien ears, this side of the Bo├Âtes Void.

Enjoy Plutonium Class Service in the Interzone. Take a spectacular voyage to SIPA.ZI.AN.NA with the Annunaki, some of the earliest visitors to our planet.

Chill in the glow of the Ice Giant. Best not to check-in to the Hivemind Hotel (unless that's your kind of thing), but there are still burgers to be had at the edge of time, now that the foodtrucks have made it out there.

Then to round it all off, come home to a hot beverage on Teegarden B.

OVNI-lounge presents: Arrakoth

What is the cause of strange lights in the sky? Or the crazed degenerates high on Tholin Liquor? Who (or maybe what) is the mysterious Doctor Pentapod? And can your mind survive contact with the sinister planet at the far reaches of the solar-system?

This Halloween, join your weird friends from outer space for a cosmic horror themed party in the OVNI-Lounge.

But dare you actually "relax"?

An album of stranger sonorities, and earworms that might not be metaphors.

The Majestic Star-Cruiser

Ovnilounge Presents: The Majestic Star-Cruiser

OVNI lounge II is now out!!!

The original OvniLounge

The 2008 demos. Extracts from work-in-progress towards Close Encounters of the Second Kind, the second OvniLounge album. Not all of these made the final album. Others are hardly changed between 2008 and the final release in 2020.


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