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OK ... dumb metaphor / clunky title time.

Back in the early C20 there were various mathematical thingumibobs : LambdaCalculus, TuringMachines etc. And after a while, they were proved to be equivalent. What you could do with one you could do with another, and vice versa.

Now I wonder about the whole SocialSoftware / EmergentDemocracy / OnlineWriting thing. How I initially put together FreeSoftware with TheOpenSociety. I wonder if there's a sort of EquivalenceClass of open-media, all of which add up to an open society / exchange of ideas. And which can be implemented by blogs or wiki or YASNS etc.

Yeah, dumb. But, like I always say, EvenAbsurdThoughtsGetPagesHereOnThoughtStormsIfTheyAreInterestingEnough

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