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A good new ClayShirky essay, consolidating a lot of ideas he (and others) have been floating recently.

  • against TopDown, hierarchical classification schemes (not very good for things like the web, and we don't need them)
  • for BottomUp, situated, personal, self-interested, tagging

The essay is here : http://shirky.com/writings/ontology_overrated.html

and intro on ManyToMany : http://www.corante.com/many/archives/2005/05/16/ontologyisoverratedsocialadvantagesintagging.php

audio : http://www.itconversations.com/shows/detail470.html

Read with lots of things here :

  • TypingNotCategorizing (which is my early intuitive grasp at something similar. "tagging" is a better term than "typing" which I was using ...

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