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Page to gather useful notes on melody

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Quora Answer : Is melody at the heart of the best music, as Poulenc thought?

Sep 24, 2019

I think melody is sufficient but not necessary for good music.

You can have good music without melody. But no music with a good melody is "bad". A good tune is all the justification any piece of music requires.

Quora Answer : Have you ever wondered where song ideas or melodies come from before a song is actually written?

Feb 27, 2020

Melodies are like people. They evolve.

Each melody is basically a recombination of melodic and rhythmic ideas that are already out there in our music culture, with a few minor mutations and variations.

Quora Answer : Is there a way to tell if a melody I made I actually heard from somewhere else?

Apr 4, 2020


You heard it somewhere else. 100% probability.

Anything that's vaguely recognisable AS a melody is part of a musical language that has been repeated a tens of millions of times.

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