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Quora Answer : What are some rave songs you like?

Feb 5, 2020

Some less obviously well known ones :

The Prodigy - Jericho

Obviously the whole first Prodigy album is classic, and tunes like Out of Space and Everybody is in the Place are awesome. But I think this is a gem. Love the melody.

DJ Seduction - Sub Dub

Unfortunately always a bit quiet when you find it on YouTube, but it's a great rave track. The "Bushes and Briars" sample is scrumptious. (It's basically blagged from Bumble's West in Motion, but I'm not clear where that got it from. It doesn't seem to be the Sandy Denny or Julie Christie version.)

Acen - Trip to the Moon (part 3)

Has that rare quality of me thinking it's probably a bit dull and boring. And then I love it when I actually listen to it. Various parts are good. Including this :

Altern-8 - Infiltrate 202

Altern-8 were always fun, but this tune grabs me because I love the vocal hook.

OTOH, the Pacific State blag while pleasant, is kind of annoying.

In fact I'm going to have to add

808 State - Pacific State

Not actually what I think of as a "rave" tune. More deep house bleep. But so iconic I can't allow the Altern-8 to pass without highlighting where the chords come from.

Earth Leakage Trip - Magic Horse

Earth Leakage Trip made some classic, great rave tunes back in the day. But I'm going to put Magic Horse, because I think this is so damned good. It's not quite "rave" in my very strict sense. It's very dark smoky, jazzy and mysterious and atmospheric. But not in the way that all the jazzy drum'n'bass was going in the late 90s. It's something special and unique.

Omni Trio - Renegade Snares (Foul Play VIP Mix)

So this is where rave was evolving into jungle. And if you want to say this is a jungle classic rather than a rave classic ... I'm can't really argue. If you agree it's a masterpiece, we stay friends.

Barrington Levi and Rebel MC - Under Mi Sensi (Legalize it mix)

There are so many versions and remixes of this classic song. From the original 80s reggae classic. To the 90s X-Project Jungle mix which is also great. But rather overshadows this on YouTube.

Nevertheless, this is the most "hardcore rave" version of the tune. And it's a blast.

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