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Software server and plugin that lets musicians jam together online.

The clever idea is that it's connected to the DAWs clock, and deliberate syncs everything 4 bars late. That's how it keeps everyone in sync, despite latency.

Quora Answer : Which apps (programs) for jam sessions and online rehearsals seem the best? What are you on? Which ones have better ping handling?

Jan 1

The groups I play with use NINJAM and Jamtaba

These are kind of weird in that they handle latency by deliberately exaggerating it and making it explicit. Basically everything you play is delayed by 4 bars while it gets to everyone else and is then played in time with them. 4 bars late.

This definitely "works".

It keeps the music in sync with a clock. And for the kind of electronic experimental (and sometime rhythmic) music we play it's OK.

OTOH, whether this would work for "real" musicians playing music with changing chord sequences I don't know. I think you'd have be a really good musician to be thinking ahead and playing ahead of what you hear everyone else doing.

It's better for jamming on simple repetitive chord sequences.

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