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Thought : I wonder if anyone is trying a PatternLanguageForNationBuilding? (Maybe that's a bit crass?)


Economist article :

InstitutionBuilding is better :

Nation building or Gene-splicing :

Interesting, Hayekian analysis which admits to NegativeSpontaneousOrder. But I think he shows a certain misunderstanding in this paragraph :

Whatever we think about nation building, we should all be able to agree that both positive and negative spontaneous orders can and do emerge. A key question becomes: from what do they emerge? Institutions, where institutions are, roughly speaking, the internal rule-sets by which a country operates. And there are good institutions and bad institutions.

(My emphasis.) If he truly believes in spontaneous order or "emergent" properties then he has to accept that, by definition, the macroscopic is not simply reducable to, or predictable from, the microscopic.

Emergent outcomes are the result of the rule-set up and running in a complex environment. Once you accept that, nothing is straightforward or self-evident. Sometimes bad spontaneous order will come from apparently innocuous rule-sets.

Sometimes apparently bad rules can ameliorate negative consequences and allow for healthier spontaneous orders to emerge.


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