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And my response :

@smdiehl It might be better to think off it like this. This is a ''property culture'' where ownership is fetishized and owners are a privileged class. For a while it looked like the online world was going to follow a different logic: commons based production, freedom & abundance.

NFTs are an attempt to reassert the primacy of property in the virtual world. And people are being invited to bet on property culture eventually winning out against free culture, by buying in early.

It's almost a protection racket : buy virtual property now because when we finally take over there won't be any left, and you'll be a pauper in the MetaVerse

Contrast :

See also :

NFTs as forced enclosure


People are taking non NFT art that doesn't belong to them, and making it into NFTs. Effectively forcing artists to join the NFT world to prevent their own work becoming someone else's property


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