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Quora Answer : How do I start producing music?

May 13, 2017

Unless you're a really rich college student, you shouldn't be putting a lot of money into what might well be a fleeting hobby. College is expensive enough as it is, and leaves people with absurd and unsustainable levels of personal debt.

Either take a college course that's about music production.

Or start cheap :

LMMS is free (open-source) software that's pretty good for learning the basics of a DAW. You won't necessarily make all the sounds that professionals do. But if you can't make something compelling (that makes your friends want to rap or dance) with that, then $500 worth of commercial DAW and plugins won't really help.

(I mean this seriously, as a listener. There were people back in the day making classic dance records with 4 8-bit samples on an Amiga. We don't need more EDM made by people with no musical sensibility pressing presets on the fashionable plugin of the month)

Where Yvette Renshy is quite right is in the importance of headphones / speakers. If you have crappy speakers then you won't get a good representation of the music you make, and when you play it to other people on their systems it will sound horrible.

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