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In some ways the ANTICRISIS GIRL EP is slightly more vaporwave than the last, with at least the title track, making a deliberate use of an early 90s Michael Bolton loop. (How much more ironic can you get than that?) It quickly goes off message though.

I've been listening to a lot of vaporwave over the last couple of years. Increasingly impressed by the intuitions of people like Vektroid and LifeMod. The release of the Euglossine album earlier in 2015 was very influential, revealing that vaporwave wasn't simply a one-joke genre, limited to slowed down samples of 80s muzak, but is actually one of the most refreshing and liberating currents in contemporary electronica : allowing in a range of melodic and harmonic ideas and feelings that would otherwise be unconsciously excluded.

Reviewing the ANTICRISIS GIRL material, it isn't really very like a lot of other vaporwave.

MUSCULAR is more like a harsh, minimal techno or acid. R.E.M. are quintessentially 80s, but hardly the sound you associate with vaporwave.

Bullrun starts with a processed sample of Brazilian Frevo that sounds a bit circusy. But as I kept adding little embellishments, driven simply by what sounded appropriate, I suddenly realized that what I was unconsciously converging on was RaymondScott's Soothing Sounds For Babies

And yet, what other subgenre of electronica in 2015 seems to allow this variety of rhythms and feels?


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