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Quora Answer : Why isn't the music played in public spaces more diverse in genres?

Feb 22, 2020

Partly because places like restaurants and bars are trying to maintain a constant atmosphere.

If you work in a bar or lounge you'll be there for six hours a day. But a customer is going to be there maybe half to two hours a week. The customer goes because they like the vibe. Which includes the music.

But if the customer can't predict on any different day if they'll be hearing metal or hip-hop or jazz, then in many cases the customer won't decide that they like the cafe and slot it into their routine.

Smaller places with an engaged staff may play "what the staff are into at the moment". Within some sorts of parameters. (Nothing too harsh or atonal). And that can, itself, become a selling point. If your staff have good taste that matches the public you are going for.

But for venues with more staff and a faster staff turnover, I suspect management don't / won't trust the staff to do this in the same way and will turn to a playlist from someone who provides themed playlists.

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