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Quora Answer : Will there ever be another seismic breakout in music like the trajectory change resulting from the British punk period?

Nov 30, 2019

Well, you can argue that the Second Summer of Love, when House took over the UK charts in 1988, presaged a complete change in British musical culture, leading to the growth of raves, jungle, drum'n'bass, UK garage, grime and dubstep.

While I admire the UK post-punk scene which, if you consider it encompasses 2-Tone ska and Mute and the rise of credible synthpop, to goth and indie, is pretty impressive. You can't say that 1988 didn't have a bigger impact in terms of the creativity it unleashed. You have to credit it with everyone from The Shamen and Aphex Twin to Goldie and Underworld and The Prodigy and Fatboy Slim and Burial and Wiley.