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BjarneStroustrup suggests multi-paradigm coding () )

So the notion of multi-paradigm programming was there from the beginning. This is why I say, "C++ supports object-oriented programming," usually adding "and it supports it better than some languages." I don't say, "C++ is an object-oriented programming language." I never had the idea that there was just one right way of writing code. From the very beginning, the notion of using different styles or paradigms was there. I usually list, C-style programming, data abstraction, object-oriented programming, and generic programming as styles directly supported by C++. And from the very beginning, there were examples that used combinations of the styles. I'm just emphasizing multi-paradigm programming more strongly now. I think I'm better at teaching it. I'm better at getting the ideas across or maybe the community has simply matured to the point where it's easier to explain the need for multiple styles. However, there is still much to get across to the C++ community, especially in the area of how the different styles can be used in combination to create the best, most efficient, most maintainable code.

Increasingly I think this is a big mistake :


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