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Full name is Scott Andrew Johnson; there are zillions of ScottJohnsons in the world, it seems. (Probably still zillions even if you include the middle name).

Also known as engineer_scotty (not the most original moniker, I know...but outside of a certain StarTrek character, nobody else seems to be using it. At any rate, my ProgramManager at work has asked me why I multiply schedule estimates by a factor of four...)

Professionally, I'm

  • Software engineer at TektronixInc since 1995, working in what is currently known as the Video Product Line. At work, I get to use (lucky me) CeePlusPlus and VxWorks. That particular architecture will teach you DefensiveCoding practices very quickly.
  • Have a MSEE, BSEE, BSCS, all from OregonStateUniversity. CS degree was pursued as an afterthought. Since graduating, my career has been almost exclusively software.
  • Have a strong interest (outside of work) in programming language design (which is one reason I'm here at WardsWiki). (Didn't study this topic in college; only taking one undergraduate course. Now I regret this...)
  • Proud to have a PeeCee which is OneHundredPercentMicrosoftFree. (Unfortunately, my other PeeCee has Windows on it, as my wife considers my ranting about BillGates to be a bit odd...)

Personally, I'm

  • Married (wife Louise), one child (son Alex). Three-year olds are a lot of fun. (So are twenty-seven-year-olds... :)
  • Enjoy good coffee, good beer, and bad wine. Good music and bad movies.
  • Politically moderate-to-liberal. However, I have been informed that I really am a rabid right-wing nutcase. :). See WhatIsLeftOrRightWingScottJohnson
  • My MyersBriggsType is INTP
  • Like WardsWiki because I learn something new every day... usually.

One of these days, I suppose I should put up a picture...


Wiki Management related

[Ethics Ethics guidelines at Davis Wiki]

  • Its edit wars link has link to C2, which cannot be accessed if read access is absent

** got there thru Seattle wiki (a Wiki:MediaWiki implementation), which in turn came from search on "coffee shop" and wiki

[Wikipedia Wikipedia banning policy]

  • has info on impersonation and advice related to it

For Wiki:LetHotPagesCool add [Wikipedia] [[Wikipedia] let hot pages cool advice]



tutorial series





add to SystemsDevelopmentLifeCycle page (regarding security),289483,sid14_gci915821,00.html


[MS MS link for developers on Security]

Secunia on MS OS LAND (DOS) attack vulnerability

Windows server hardening

Book chapter on using Policy files in DotNet


Social Engineering

Internet scam include website manipulation example at of small corporations to protect against lawsuit >


Social Dynamics

has has link to Meme

note C2 has MemeGenetics page


Microsoft Way

different handling of delays in two large projects


MS channel9 wiki at


Communication & Social Media aspects

BBC 04 Bill Gates endorsement of Blogs

  • few months later MSN spaces debuted

Blogging on the job CNET FAQ at

Find out

  • Bloggers and their message and their audience. How do they manage to keep the target coming back for more?


Dave Pollard re: his views on stories and their subversive effects, part linked from



C2 Business Ethics

jobs at seek

MS sec summit

CMMI and other framework stuff

Mobile phone used as English learning tool -> Wiki:MobileCommerce

Metrus S****trategicManagement material such as BSCs

Knowledge Management wiki has stuff on CoPs

ITIL glossaries on BSC

"An aid to organisational performance management. It helps to focus not only on the financial targets but also on the internal processes, customers and learning and growth issues." at

Value Based Management portal on Management terms

Not linked to main page yet. Can I do it?

checkout Community wiki Blog


now linked and it works

[APL APL white pages]

Other Wikis/WikiLike things:

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[Blog Blog searchengine list]

[Wiki Wiki specialize on Blogs]

[Sunir Sunir mid Apr note -> found]

[list list of links to digital camera tips, including]

[digital digital photography review, singapore? from Gadgetguy at digital show]


How to prevent wars on wiki expanded version

To wiki gnomes

• If you see that this page has been deleted, please restore it.

• Please don't trim this down and down and turn it back into a copy of HowToPreventWarsOnWiki. This page has intentionally been left in the longer style.

I don't care... I'm tired of seeing Robert bitch about people editing his pages, learn to deal with it. We don't need two page for same damn topic just to please that ego maniac. This is wiki, people trim and edit pages, and Robert isn't special, he'll either learn to cope, or people will continue to make life hard on him. If this page still exists in the morning, I will delete it.

[This goes to show how conflictual and unreasonable you can be It's not about trimming and imposing one's style. It's about respecting the fact that some people are different. What's wrong with making two pages when the subject is important? I can summarize as good as anyone here. So what? We'll have a usless compendium of one liners and clichés on wiki. Is that what your idea of a wiki is? This is not about being egomaniac. It's about being efficient and about saying something in a page. I am proposing 2 styles and you want to impose yours by deleting mine. Who's being egomaniac? – ar

PS: When you read an article on the paper, you want it to be one liners? "Boys have more libido than girls". When you read a novel, you want just the summary? We are not machines, we are individuals. We want some beef and not useless one liners.]

This is the morning, for me.

I'm trying to find a way to prevent these wars. I've had a constructive exchange with Robert, and I think progress is being made. If you continue simply to remove his edits then there will be no resolution. He will continue to attack, insult, deface and otherwise be regarded as a pest. I would rather see him become an accepted contributor. How will you help me to do this? Feel free to take this exchange to email – ColinWright

Easy solution: I'll put the expanded page on my wiki and you can just put a URL at the end of the HowToPreventWarsOnWiki. It's ironic that we are having a war with this page that is supposed to teach us how to prevent a war! :-) But all in all this extending the wiki in many directions like Auto-pcn, ColorPosts etc. is a good idea. We can even settle our differences this way! So feel free to delete this page and I'll put a link to the expanded version on my wiki later on. – ar

You could do that ... where is your wiki?

It's here!


We have suffered a ridiculous battle of wills between a minority of WikiZens for many months. This battle is now over but we must nevertheless remain vigilant so that new conflicts do not erupt on wiki.

What follows are a few guidelines to prevent wars on wiki.

The best attitude to adopt

• In your relationships with other wikizens, AssumeGoodFaith until proven otherwise. Mathematically you are right: 94-95% of the general population is in good faith and the rest is made up of delinquents. We have roughly the same percentage on wiki. Therefore chances you'll bump into a delinquent are very slim!

• Invite participants in a wiki war to take their private fight to e-mail or to private chat and to refrain from settling their personal accounts publicly: Wiki is not a virtual boxing ring. Ask the belligerents to spare us and spare our younger participants with the spectacle of grown-up wikizens fighting over some silliness on wiki as if they were 5 year olds fighting for a sandcastle on the beach on a hot summer day.

• Do not take sides. Remain scrupulously neutral so that the fire does not expand. If you take sides, the conflict will become generalized and soon we'll have two or more clans bickering.

** When you take sides, you might think you help your friend but in fact you don't: moreover you hurt him. Why? Because, after they notice your taking side, it won't take long till your friends' opponents will get new members on their side and the conflict will escalate even more. Or by bringing new members on your side, you corner your opponent and you raise his resolve (and consequently his strength) even more. If you like your friend, you try to reason him and you get him out of this conflict as quickly as you can. But you never side with him.

• When someone invites you to join a holy war for wiki and starts flaming a wikizen, don't go. There are no such things as holy wars for wiki for wiki does not accept or like wars least of all holy wars.

• If you are hurt by a wikizen's post, if he attacks you personally say so. Do not start a flame war or an edit war to retaliate. Too often wikizens get on the attack and start edit wars, or gang-ups against the person who has bad-mouthed them. They think their opponent will be able to decipher their "subliminal message" and he will consequently stop the bad-mouthing. It just does not work that way! Often the bad-mouther does not realize what he has done, therefore he fails to see why he is being attacked: he sees himself as a victim, he feels cornered and he counter-attacks. His opponent feels he is adding insult to injury, there is an escalation of violence and things often get out of hand.

** Do not forget that the level of sensitivity is not the same for everyone. X might consider a word an insult when Y will laugh it off. So when you feel you have been attacked wrongly, say so. Saying to the person who has attacked you: "I wish you could take out this comment" won't be a blow to your tremendous ego or to your great machismo. Not saying a word and starting an edit war is certainly not a very mature attitude.

• It is not at all a bad idea to appoint oneself as mediator and to try to appease tensions like a great wikizen named RonJandrasi has courageously done in May 2004 during the AR problem pages edit conflict. When the mediation is done in a transparent and in an efficient way, wikizens are able to see quickly who clearly wants to end the war and who wants to keep it alive. Since those who want to keep the flame war alive are hurting their own reputation, chances are they'll stop their attacks pretty soon. When everyone remains neutral and is afraid to intervene, conflicts can go o for months on wiki. A mediator can end a war in a day or two.

• On wiki no one controls anyone: there is no leadership, no ruling clique, o class of citizens, no enforcers of the wiki so called canonical rule. There is room here for all styles, all creeds, all perspectives, all points of view. The only two solid cardinal rules here are: 1) UseYourRealName; 2) Do not write off topic pages (however some off topic pages are tolerated). If a wikizen wants to impose his style of writing on you, oppose him politely but firmly. But do try to understand his point of view first.

• Exercise self-control and patience. Humans can be defective for short or long periods of time. Try to understand.

• Don't hate WikiCitizens. A Course in Miracles says that one can only hate what one recognizes in oneself. Exercise benevolence empathy and compassion. Help clean up the Wiki space, or just bear the BadKarma you feel has been put upon your shoulders. This is how you gain GoodKarma.

• Be relentless, and relentlessly civil. This is a good community made up of a big majority of people in good faith and, hopefully all can be accommodated.

• Consider practicing BusinessAsUsual, FixYourWiki, and other wiki gardening.

• For consideration: it is better that the malice transpires in here, rather than OutThere. Including this page. In here, it is so easily mended.

• If you seek the LastWord, then you have missed the point. Peace on wiki is the last word you must seek.

Cleaning up the mess

• Picking up garbage is an obligation on Wiki. Delete all rude comments. See: HowToReactToaFlame. But if you consider it necessary, move them to the poster's homepage; provide context if you feel generous. Ensure that what remains is coherent and retains the valid points.

• Conversely, do not put inflammatory pages on Wiki.

• Do not name names, don't criticize, don't insult, simply leave things better than you found them.

• Don't overclean. Step back, let someone else do it, and let the community right itself. If just 2 or 3 individuals are the ones cleaning the mess, it starts to look more like a conspiracy, and less like an action by the consensus.

• Do not gloat. This is not a war, or a battle. We are simply doing our chores... our noble and humble ritual.

• Do not delete anyone's homepage. The creator of garbage must take responsibility for GarbageCollection (or recycling :-))

Contributors: Anonymous Contributor(s), RonJandrasi, RobertAbitbol

Too many / characters in page MicrosoftSlave/DropBin/WikiLike

Advocacy stuff?

My preferred email address is ee en gee eye en ee ee ar ess cee oh tee tee wye at gee em ai eye ell dot cee oh em. I have gmail invites available, if anyone wants them let me know.