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Quora Answer : Is there an electronic composer known for gorgeous melodies?

Oct 11, 2016

There are plenty of gorgeous melodies in electronic music. But obviously they WON'T necessarily have the logic of classical composition. As Ethan Hein points out, they have another minimalist, circular, danceable logic which is at odds with the way that classical composers believe they have to develop their music. And they don't do "long-form" if by that you mean a symphony in four sections of 8 to 20 minutes each.

But if you just want good choons in electronica, then I particularly like Plaid

Or when they were part of The Black Dog

Plone's For Beginner Piano is a great melodic album from around this late 90s IDM period too (the pieces are structured more like (wordless) pop songs though but with some variation of instrumentation as they evolve).

This is pretty repetitive but beautiful

Belbury Poly has good tunes too, with an odd kind of folk meets Jean-Michel Jarre feel ...

And wait until the melody emerges at the end of this :

Obviously, it would be interesting to hear if some contemporary composer could put electronic production together with long-form classical structure. (And a melodic sensibility.) I tend to side with Ethan in believing that the technique for the complexity could in principle to be taught. It's not that modern musicians have "lost" the art. It's that they have other interests and objectives.

Contemporary composers don't want to sound like Mozart. What would be the point? When Mozart already exists?

And anyway, computers can write music that sounds like the classical composers, just by feeding learning algorithms enough examples : Classical Music Composed by Computer: Experiments in Musical Intelligence by David Cope

Also there are some quite good electronic arrangements of classical music. Although it sounds initially quite cheesy, I think Tomita's Debussy album actual pretty solid. An orchestration which is very original, dares to be odd / silly, but still does justice to the original pieces.

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