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Quora Answer : If Zuckerberg ran for politics, would you vote for him?

Feb 17, 2020

A few years ago I might have done.

But only on the condition he had given up his control of and interest in Facebook first.

These days, no.

I used to think that Zuckerberg was a reasonably decent guy for a tech. billionaire (more in the Bill Gates mould than the Travis Kalanick mould)

But now it looks like Zuckerberg's attitudes towards the problem of fake-news and lying adverts on Facebook over the last couple of years show that he's basically been corrupted by his position.

He's not willing to take the drastic action to correct the problems FB causes, because those are the source of his income. And instead of being the kind of visionary genius who would rethink his business model to make the world better, he prefers to prevaricate and leave the world worse.

That makes him the equivalent of the heads of oil companies that deny (or prevaricate on) global warming because facing it is too institutionally painful for them. It makes me strongly doubt his integrity and willingness to face tough decisions.

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