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Story of how a link propagates in the BlogoSphere :

Interesting points :

  • though the "link" propagates, many of the blogs which helped boost it from obscurity got lost. People didn't say who they got it from, or certainly not who that blog got it from. A problem for GoogleJuice / TheAttentionEconomy? Compare Raymond's point that in TheFreeSoftwarePhenomenon removing the names of the original authors is considered a violation of property rights.
  • this story draws our attention to a "mistake" that a frame-content was linked to, not the overall page. And this helped lose the context of who published the original. Did this mistake get "fixed"? Up until the above linked story, no. But this story itself "fixes" the problem. It would be interesting to know whether this story itself got linked even more, so that the correction is now the widest known version of the story?
  • Worry that people will keep sources to themselves. See also NetoCracy/Imploitation

See also TheFlowInternet

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