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Linear Logic Programming is the a kind of Logic Programming (eg. PrologLanguage) which manages resources ie. as well as deductive rules :

P(X,Y) :- P(X,Z), P(Z,Y).

which basically leaves you with the original facts intact, linear logic manages a kind of local state where when a rule fires it consumes some of its inputs, leaving the state of the database different.

Often this is the "lolli" operator. Eg. :

P(X,Y) -o P(X,Z), P(Z,Y).

would fire and leave just the

P(X,Y) -o P(X,Z), P(Z,Y).

in the database, but remove the P(a,b). & P(b,c).

This is kind of what I'm looking for for using logic programming for code-generation.

Hard to get hold of a language to try this though.

Seems best bet, but I'd have to compile it from ML.

Use it for narrative generation :

Translating to Java :

For concurrent graph structures :,

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