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Via : https://twitter.com/Aaron_Good_/status/1529496089296093189

Not entirely convinced by the ''US created all this at Maidan'' line of argument, but here it is reasonably well explained (for a Tweet stream).

What is funny about the moronic "tankie" insult is that it comes from the 1956 Soviet crackdown in Hungary. But the CIA was behind that uprising. CIA man Frank Wisner later killed himself suffering from depression resulting from his role in fomenting this ''rollback'' operation.

So CIA covert operations were undertaken specifically to threaten the security of the USSR. When the Soviets responded, credulous Western liberals were outraged and full of patriotic fervor. In sum, the CIA sacrificed some gullible Hungarian liberals for propaganda optics.

In 2014, the CIA and its Nazi assets murdered people in Maidan to effect a coup and overthrow Ukrainian democracy. With Russian protection, Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to secede from the Kiev junta and then to join Russia. As John Pilger wrote in the Guardian in 2014, ''Having masterminded the coup in February against the democratically elected government in Kiev, Washington's planned seizure of Russia's historic, legitimate warm-water naval base in Crimea failed.''

JP: 'Nato's military encirclement has accelerated, along with US-orchestrated attacks on ethnic Russians in Ukraine. If Putin can be provoked into coming to their aid, his pre-ordained "pariah" role will justify a Nato-run guerrilla war that is likely to spill into Russia.'

If you point out the criminality and culpability of the US clandestine services, you get insulted by Western imperialist types. So "tankie" basically means ''person who does not accept the CIA's blown cover stories.''

Consider the absurdity of this state of affairs in conjunction with the big anti-disinformation push from the very same actors most responsible for the worst disinformation in recent decades–Iraqi WMD, the lies behind the Arab Spring Wars in Libya and Syria, Russiagate...

...Hunter's laptop too! The US Empire is no longer able to maintain its holographic, liberal facade–too many glitches in the unipolar Matrix. This is necessary, but scary. Capitalism in crisis = fascism.

We are getting deep state censorship from tech monopolies, the constant bleating about "disinformation" from its most prolific practitioners, and now a formal Ministry of Truth, apparently.

Here's another version from the time : https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2014/apr/30/russia-ukraine-war-kiev-conflict

TheGrayZone on Zelensky https://thegrayzone.com/2022/04/28/zelensky-celebrity-populist-pinochet-neoliberal/

Zelensky's election promises, made on the fringes of the virtual and the real, were predominantly about Ukraine's "progress," understood as "modernization," "Westernization," "civilization," and "normalization." It is this progressive modernizing discourse that allowed Zelensky to camouflage his plans for neoliberal reforms, launched just three days after the new government came to power.

Throughout the campaign, the idea of "progress" highlighted by Zelensky was never linked to privatization, land sales, budget cuts, etc. Only after Zelensky had consolidated his presidential power by establishing full control over the legislative and executive branches of power did he make it clear that the "normalization" and "civilization" of Ukraine meant the privatization of land and state/public property, the deregulation of labor relations, a reduction of power for trade unions, an increase in utility tariffs, and so on.

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