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Quora Answer : What are your thoughts on Trump's executive order blocking visas and green cards for anyone from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen?

Jan 29, 2017

I think it's utterly disgusting.

But everyone should understand this :

The ban is a culmination of a prejudice against Muslims which has been growing for a long time in the US and Europe.

It's a culmination of a growing refusal, by the US and Europe, to take responsibility for its actions in the middle East over the last 50 years.

The West has created the hell-holes of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan by playing one dictator or insurgent faction off against another, for its own gains; through unnecessary military action, often justified with the fig-leaf of humanitarian intervention, but often with ulterior strategic motives; and through desperate desire to earn money by manufacturing and selling horrific weapons into these regions.

The end result is that every sane and capable citizen of that part of the world wants to flee to make a better life for themselves and their family elsewhere. And the response of the West is worse than indifference or lack of compassion or charity. The West is the moral equivalent of those (perhaps mythical) Chinese drivers who knock over a child by accident, and then reverse over the body to make sure its properly dead, in order to avoid legal responsibility for the medical fees. It deserves utter contempt.

So, let us publicly decry and oppose as loudly and as strongly as possible, the disgusting ban. But let's not fool ourselves or pretend this is a "Trump Problem" or due to a special evil of Trump. It's a far more general evil that we have allowed to grow for years.

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