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Quora Answer : Should creative work such as music created by AI belong to the owner of the AI or the actual AI?

Mar 15, 2020

The owner of the AI.

The nightmare scenario I think we must be very, very careful not to allow to happen, is to allow AIs to get the rights to "own" property.

The moment that becomes the case we'll see a hybridization of AIs with corporations, and they will become terrifying. It's in the DNA of our capitalist society to give ridiculously high privileges to "property owners". The moment AIs become property owners, they will be able to take advantage of all those privileges to act in the world.

The AIs won't even have to be very smart. (Just as smart as the average chess computer) But they'll be able to hire lawyers to defend their interests. Be able to get legal injunctions against humans trying to turn them off. Be able to contract humans to act as their appendages in the world. All the while acting to ruthlessly and strategically maximize their profits regardless of the cost to others.

We must not let AIs own property, or become autonomous actors in the market. There is no conceivable world where it's a good idea to start along the road of giving them ownership of the creative products they dream up. AIs will soon be dreaming up not just music and other arts, but business plans, engineering designs, scientific discoveries, learned models of most human institutions, human minds, human body chemistry etc. Applying the kinds of, already dumb, "intellectual property" laws we have to all those things will be a disaster for the human spirit.

Quora Answer : In the future, will AI create businesses and hire people all by themselves?

Aug 26, 2017

I think the crucial, terribly mistaken thing, would be if we let AIs own property.

If AI gets to be a legal property owner, it will be able to do what it likes. Even an AI that we have today could do real damage if it can hire people to execute for it, and lawyers to argue against anyone turning it off.

The safest thing is to keep AI in its "box" by not giving it the legal right to own itself or anything else.

That won't prevent people using AI to do bad things. But people are a relatively known and understood thing.

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