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Quora Answer : In Brazil, is history taught in a biased way in order to make students ashamed of the nation's past and boost the socialist ideology?

Nov 29, 2017

What people seem to be missing here is that when the dictatorship was in charge, Brazilian schools were full of right-wing text books, and the pupils all grew up to support Lula and vote for the PT.

Then, once the wicked leftists were in charge and the teachers were all commie fellow-travellers, the next generation of pupils grew up to support the MBL and Bolsonaro.

Clearly this "indoctrination in schools" thing isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Also, teachers are paid a pittance and (naturally) tend leftwards. Meanwhile doctors earn a fortune in private clinics and are all vitriolic coxinhas.

If people are really concerned about this, the answer is trivially simple. Just pay school-teachers as much as doctors and you'll soon get as much right-wing propaganda as you can eat.

If you're too cheap to do that, perhaps you deserve what you get.

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