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WardCunningham : "I love a good namespace collision" (quoted

MikeCaulfield is actually talking about sites like Quora and StackOverflow where multiple answers are given to the same question, but allow for community revision ... he describes it as an "Enclosed Dancing Floor" :

It reminds me that the origin of "chorus" is thought by some to have been derived from the Ancient Greek for "enclosed dancing floor", and although that's just an accident of etymology, I can't help but thinking of a chorus as individual agents we push into a bounded space; it's really the bounding of that space - whether through harmony, melody, implied chord progressions, whatever, that allows us to see both the connectedness and the difference at the same time.

What places like Quora and Stack Exchange and the hundreds of clones that have emerged in the last few years do is work on that balance, to combine the boundedness of wiki with the individuality of personal voice. The result, when it works, is the sort of personalization that matters most.

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