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GoldenPond is an umbrella for a number of small projects researching higher level descriptions of musical structure.

Right now that means an evolving library / domain specific language for describing chord progressions and other higher-level concepts of music composition and theory in code. The goal is to help computer based composers and live-coders understand and apply more "advanced" music theory ideas by making them explicit in the language. As a simple concrete example, GoldenPond has secondary dominants as an explicit element of the language, allowing composers to invoke them when required, without having to manually calculate the notes that make them up.

GoldenPond is ultimately guided by the question: "could a music programming language be expressive enough that it would be possible to live-code music of the complexity of a Mahler Symphony on the fly?" What abstractions would such a language need? And would such a practice be viable, either technically or artistically?