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Quora Answer : Is the world really being guided or even run by global elitists? If they actually exist, who are they and what is their agenda?

May 18, 2020

Yes and no.

There's no group formulating a global plan.

It wouldn't work. And they have no interest in it.

There IS a global elite of very rich people who tend to have a lot of power.

At best, anyone with a lot of money affects everyone else just through their buying decisions. So if they all decide a particular city or borough is cool, and move there, they push prices up and gentrify everyone else out. If they decide a particular product or cultural artefact is cool, the media will be obsessed by talking about it.

If if they like to play golf, they might create a an environmentally unsustainable drain on the aquifers in a particular area, with all kinds of knock on problems.


Beyond that, very rich people like to protect themselves and their privilege. In moments of political uncertainty, when the economy looks vulnerable to a crash or being reformed, those rich people will start investing in think-tanks and newspapers and troll-farms to steer public opinion and politicians back towards letting them, the rich elites, keep their loot and privilege.

You might imagine that Donald Trump is somehow an opponent of "the elite" and the "establishment". But really he's the end result of a process that included the formation of the astroturf Tea Party in opposition to the perceived threat of Obama, and the investments that billionaires like Robert Mercer made in Steve Bannon and Breitbart News etc. to push right-wing culture war that diverted the working class from more left-wing expressions of dissatisfaction with the failing economy and austerity of the 2010s.

So the world is affected by everyone. You have your own chance to push it a little bit. But rich elites have more leverage and get to push the world in the direction they like more than most can.

But that doesn't mean they are all co-ordinated or have a big plan. It's just that their self-interest leaves a bigger footprint.

All over your face.

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