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Changing Scales and Chords

You may not have noticed, but the scales and chords used in Gbloink! are stored in two separate files : scales.dat and chords.dat.

And it is easy to alter them with any text editor to experiment with new scalings. The format of the files should be fairly self explanatory. In the scales file, a 1 represents a note that can occur in the scale, while a 0 represents one that is forbidden. In the chords file, a 1 represents a note that is played in the file while a 0 represents a note that is not.

Send any interesting chords or scales you invent to me, and I'll post the good ones on this page.

Myron Bennett kicks off with the haunting whole-tone scale he describes as "instant Debussy", while my own Odd 1 is a silly experiment, half the scale, anything goes, the other half is forbidden.

Name Composer Scale
DebussyMyron Bennett10101010101
Odd1Philip Jones 11111000000

For the new version I've been adding some new scales to Gbloink! from this useful resource :

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