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Quora Answer : Are flat earthers mostly right-leaning or left-leaning? Is their political ideology consistent internationally?

Aug 14, 2019

A book I highly recommend to everyone is A Culture of Conspiracy.

It explains how conspiracy theories cross pollinate and memes jump from one to another.

It's great to help understand the frantic hybridization of conspiracies on today's internet.

Today's far right cultural insurgency is very much a product of promiscuous meme stealing (and YouTube recommendations) which uses conspiracy to pull people in. And which ties conspiracies together. From gamergate to pizzagate.

So ... I don't think flat Earthism used to be either left or right. But it's now clearly being assimilated along with climate change denial and antivax into the matrix of right-wing science denial.

In Brazil allegedly three members of Bolsonaro's extreme right wing government have espoused flat earth related ideas.

I think we'll see flat Earthism start to invade the US Republicans too. Precisely because it's so similar to and compatible with the way of "thinking" that already takes place there : flashy YouTube videos raising doubts against the abstract theories of resented cognitive "elites".

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