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Dichotomies and binary opositions aren't just wrong on principle. Sometimes it's useful and legitimate to just say "there's a big division between type 1 things and type 2 things, and it's worth making the distinction""

I suggest criticising a dichotomy when you have an alternative pattern :

  • When there's a detail which opens up more dimensions of difference (CounterThinking)
  • when there's a genuine continuum

A quick index of some of the dichotomies people are arguing are false :

WhatWho Where
Science and Art Aharon / GrahamLally ArtAndScience
Nature and ethics SteveCrossan MovingToTheRight ||
Design and organic growth ZbigniewLukasiak LeftAndRightAndScale, also StasismVsDynamism
Products and services BillSeitz ClassWarBetweenProductsAndServices
Free and non-free Me (maybe) PluralityOfSoftwareLicenses
GiftGiving and Exchange Me GiftsAndReciprocity ||

See also TypesOfThinking