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Quora Answer : Why is the Right tagged as Authoritarian when progressivism requires government to impose their mandates? I see a distinction between Classical liberalism and Progressivism, but they are commingled as Democrats on the left. How are they distinct?

Sep 19

Any society which is governed by a "rule of law" imposes some mandates.

That's what society is. An institution in which people are expected to follow codes of behaviour and abide by rules in order to get the benefits of living together.

Not even radical anarchists doubt that we have to make some accommodation with others to get the benefits of living together.

If you don't want that, become a hermit.

So LeftAndRight aren't somehow distinguished by whether they expect people to follow rules, or how many rules they ask people to obey.

What distinguishes left and right is

WHAT rules?

and what VALUES are the rules there to support?

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