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Quora Answer : How do you feel about about the electroswing genre?

Jan 31

It's jolly good fun. And when it's great, it's great.

But too much of it gets a bit "cheesy" and a bit wearing. It's so relentlessly upbeat.

I love a good bit of Caravan Palace or Parov Stelar. But mixed in with other things.

I either use electroswing to add a burst of frenetic energy to a more traditional acoustic swing / gypsy swing / easy listening set.

Or to add some bright melody to a more subdued deep / loungey house set.

Or, I like a lot of Balkan music. And there's some pretty fun and frenetic Balkan / gypsy electronic dance music. But that has a darker, and more rumbustious edge. I guess I could try mixing electroswing with more of that, though I'm not sure my DJ skills are up to it.

But now I want to hear some.

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