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Whistle-blower who revealed that the NSA were spying on everyone they could.


The BarackObama JoeBiden government were persecuting him :

Quora Answer : Is Edward Snowden a double agent spy? If so, who's he really with: Russia or the US?

Mar 17, 2018

Edward Snowden was a spy on behalf of the American people against the American government.

He's now in an unsought and, probably unwelcome, marriage of convenience with Russia. On the grounds that Putin likes to see America embarrassed and troubled. And it costs him very little to give Snowden asylum.

Snowden didn't chose to go to Russia. And, given a free choice, would almost certainly go somewhere else.

But faced with a choice between a prison cell run by a vindictive and out-of-control American security establishment, and relative freedom in Russia, he quite sensibly chooses the second.

The chances that he's "working for" the Russians are negligible.

He's hardly the sort that Putin would trust with any secrets.