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BertrandRussell :

The method of ‘postulating’ what we want has many advantages; they are the same as the advantages of theft over honest toil"

To which I might reply that conjecture based PopperianEpistemology has all the advantages of taking out a mortgage over living on the street. But these days, I might prefer the idea of CriticalRationalism as a kind of MutualCredit with the future. You borrow provisional beliefs against a day when you might have to pay them back.

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  • Hmm. And maybe borrowing ordinary money, which is created by BankDebt(?), is a little like Foundationalism in that only certain groups are allowed to risk creating money or only certain ideas are allowed to be fundamental, unrevisable, grounding your knowledge.
  • "Cashing out" your terms like your checks?
  • WikiAndMarkets ?

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