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This was an amusing rant I made (quoted in its entirety below). But what's really good is all the pushback, ArgueAgainstMe I'm getting in the tree of all Twitter comments to this thread. Worth reading. Very useful and welcome.

A rant:

I seem to be having this fight all over Twitter these days.

You guys are all mad.

Civilization was basically kickstarted by us moving from hieroglyphics to alphabets. Plain text is one of humanity's greatest inventions and most powerful tools for thought.

1/5 https://t.co/2vVhIRPtO9

Meanwhile we just did the experiment where we made a worldwide network of people just throwing picture memes at each other.

And our collective intelligence plummeted.

We've reduced our public discussion and social connections to swiping like pigeons in a Skinner box.


Programming through box and arrow diagrams is hugely inefficient compared to just typing symbols.

Political discourse by video and podcast leads to demagoguery, strife and social collapse.


Replace a discussion forum with a metaverse and you get a zombie apocalypse of aimless Lego-men wandering around a liminal non-place, bumping into cuboid pot-plants & chatting "can't hear you, sound breaking up here, can you repeat?".


We are ngmi if we think we'll run the 21st century on computers that act like glorified moodboards.

Apologies to everyone. You know I love you all.

But, enough is enough. "Dynamic ideography" talk is the new "where's my flying car?"



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