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Quora Answer : DNC Chair Tom Perez named Donna Brazile to the DNC rules & bylaws committee. Brazile achieved notoriety when she was fired from CNN for passing Clinton Presidential Town Hall questions. Any thoughts on this selection?

Oct 24, 2017


The top of the Democratic Party has become inward-looking, defensive, unable to look itself in the mirror and see itself as everyone else sees it. It's spending its time rearranging the deck-chairs, shoring up the inner circle, pretending that this group of people at the top still have some relevance and credibility. I know there are well intentioned people there. I'm sure they are desperate to be part of the solution and fight back against Trump and the Republican Party.

But they ought to accept that they are bust. The only way the Democrats can recover and mount a plausible challenge to Trump is to clear out the old-guard at the top and bring in a newer, more radical people and ideas.

The party has become decadent. Too in love with its business connections, too in hock to its donors. And now, probably, the people who failed in 2016 are obsessed with holding onto power so that they can have a chance to redeem themselves and showing that they can beat Trump.

They can't.

And the sooner they accept and retire gracefully to allow the Democratic Party to become something else, the sooner the Democrats will be able to start the fight-back.