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Context : OperatingSystem

Great Gnu / Linux distro :

Built on solid PackageManagementTool

Stuff I always forget

  • Where's that damned file which has the sources for downloading? : /etc/apt/
  • and the archives : /var/cache/apt
  • apt-show-versions -u

: apt-howto :

Advice from same :

Install the "apt-howto" (apt-howto-en, or whatever language you want).

Read through the apt-howto, and info apt.conf

To temporarily overcome your space problem, you can set up apt to download to a different directory. We could probably be of more help if you told us what your partition scheme was ... If, for example, "/var" is a separate partition, but you have plenty of space on /home, then you can do something really horrible


cp -R /var /home/.

LiveCD and mount your root partition in a directory, say /mnt>

reboot – now /var is no longer a partition but a symlink to /home/var, which has enough space to store everything. (I like being anonymous; it's not so easy to flame me for saying these things!) Another option

– if the root partition has enough space, then you can edit "fstab" to remove the /var entry, boot to a Live CD, mount root on /mnt/root, and var on /mnt/var – then simply cp -R /mnt/var /mnt/root/.

Your /var directory will now be on the root partition.

However, the workaround I'd recommend is to set up apt to download to another directory.


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