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Quora Answer : Will we ever have a great culture with art, movies & music ever again or will it stay stagnant and boring forever?

Mar 3, 2020

We do have great culture, right now.

You just don't know what it is yet.

Now there are certain genres that get stale.

We don't have great "rock music" any more because most of what can be done in the genre of rock music has already been done. The low-hanging fruit is all picked. And so anyone staying within the genre is probably going to be boring because they are following a path beaten by others.

But in the other genres, there's still scope for innovation.

There's even more scope for things that are so new we hardly recognise them as genres or "art" at all.

We may not even be in a golden age of "movies". But we're in a golden age Instagram feeds.

We don't necessarily know which are the great Instagram feeds today. You almost certainly don't follow them. But in 50 years time, people will complaining "how come we don't have great Instagrammers like they had in the 2010s?" Because NOW is when the Instagrammers are the cutting edge innovators and pioneers who are doing creative and shocking things with the medium.

But you're only going to hear about that when curators and theorists and the nostalgia industry identifies them. And then the Instagrammers of the 2060s are all going to be dullards trying to recreate the feeds of the 2010s in the hope of rekindling the magic.

The bottom line is stop complaining that there's nothing good. Go out and enjoy, (or better still, make), what's genuinely new.

Posterity can worry about the "good".

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