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Now selling itself as a MetaVerse toolkit.


This is now interesting me more than it did previously.


It seems to have been ported from SqueakLanguage to JavaScript. So it's more like the LivelyKernel maybe. Or shared JS libraries for live collaborative tools. Less than a 3D environment.

SDK docs:

Hello world example at CodePen :

Which I must admit is quite impressive. Making me think whether something like this could be incorporated in this wiki.

I mean, here's that Hello World example running at CodePen. And embedded here. And running just fine, here. (Everyone accessing this page at the same time sees the same counter, more or less in sync. (Presumably there's some magic on the server at CodePen itself).


A "shared 3D world operating system" (MetaVerse) in SqueakSmalltalk.

I wasn't very impressed by this. It looks beautiful, but it seems like the entire idea is "let's re-invent the desktop with state of the art 3D game graphics". What's useful here? When I start building my state of the art, next generation platform, I'm gonna base it on Wiki. Making things more simple is the key to building the next generation; not making things more complex.

Croquet :

In comparison, I was more into wiki as a shared collaborative space. And the issues I identified in SmalltalkNeedsANewUI

A Wiki based platform (ProgrammingWithAndInWiki) will simplify from existing desktop metaphor in two ways :

  • remove overlapping windows, replace desktop with page metaphor (which has proven its value on the net)
  • remove hierarchical file system, replace with a free-form, hyperlinked set of pages, on which can be built arbitrary hierarchical indexes, or "rings" or CategoryCategory style classification and pooling.

GrahamLally comments on the above comment on AnEasyInterface.

Experiments with Croquet from the ViewPointsResearchInstitute

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