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Quora Answer : Where did we go wrong? Why didn't Common Lisp fix the world?

May 17, 2016

I'm not a CL programmer. But I am an enthusiastic convert to Clojure and Racket.

So it seems to me that whatever went wrong with CL is NOT Lispishness itself, which is back with a vengeance in Clojure, and doing fine in Racket. It's a bunch of other stuff.

fragmented community. (Too many rival players and standards ... even if CL unified some of it)

closed source. (Almost all the big new languages of the last 20 years are open-source. And the two exceptions : Java and Visual Basic, had mega corporations promoting them. CL had neither open-source-ness nor a mega-corp behind its default implementation)

the lack of an open-source community is probably why CL's libraries stagnated in the internet age

good online tutorials, videos etc. Where's the outreach?

Update : thanks for all the upvotes guys. But before you upvote, read Andrea Ferro's comment. Perhaps I'm wrong.

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