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Two strands of convesation going on at the moment.

WikiMinion/CommentStyle is talking about how to label WikiMinion changes to make them less obtrusive in RecentChanges. (I'll do the patch Richard, just haven't had a chance to yet.) Meanwhile simply unbolding the "reverts" has helped make RecentChanges more legible.

At the same time, I've been using certain glyphs or symbols to add meta-data to my changes. (RecentChanges/Clues)

Today, GrahamLally is hacking the StyleSheet contributed by RobertAbitbol (Style Sheet For Phil Jones' Wiki). And I realise several things.

It should be possible to get RecentChanges to wrap StyleSheet class tags around RecentChanges depending on the textual content : "revert", "->", "==", "-X" etc. could all become special classes, and you're custom style sheet could do what you like with them. Disappear the "reverts", turn the "==" blue and the "-X" orange. Whatever.

So when I next get into the code, this is something else I'll be doing. Will post the names of the classes when I've done this. Or if you want to make suggestions ... post them here.

:Sounds more and more like PersonalDistributedLayeredModeration ;) Post everything with semantic mark-up, and let people choose their own view. Or hook into someone else's view and layer your own on top. [Freedom Freedom of Listening]. – GrahamLally

Hmmm. Any scope for throwing TechnoratiTags in too?

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