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Context: CollectiveIntelligence, KnowledgeManagement

Quora Answer : Is there, as a result of the digital information age, an umbrella term, field, discipline or theory that explores a unified socially constructed origin for the shift from monopolized knowledge models to collective knowledge models?

Mar 10, 2014

Yochai Benkler's "Commons-based Peer Production" is a good term.

Michel Bauwens's P2P Foundation uses the term P2P to cover this territory.

Some people use "collective intelligence" in the broad sense you seem to be searching for.

"FLOSS" stands for "Free" "Libre" "Open Source" which was an attempt to make an umbrella term to heal the "Free Software" / "Open Source" rift and can be used fairly broadly.

"Open" now gets applied in a lot of areas to suggest they've adopted FLOSS-like cultures : eg. Open Hardware, Open Finance etc.

You can have "Open Culture" too.

These days I tend to use the term "Internet Culture" to be as expansive as possible ... when I want to take in everything that the internet has spawned. That includes, as well as the open stuff, social networks like Facebook which I don't consider "open" but which have a lot of interesting social effects.

If you want to look into the full political ramifications too, then I personally think that NETOCRACY: the new power elite and life after capitalism is a disturbingly good model of the way the political economy ultimately plays out. So I often use "netocracy" when I'm talking about the "mode of production" and society that all of this stuff is bringing about.

(Isn't all knowledge "collective"?)

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