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A space-station for sale in ProjectEntropia :

Neverdie is a popular and well-known in-game character ... He said that his club will give the entertainment industry in the "real world" a route into virtual worlds where millions spend their social time.

"Club Neverdie will enable the entertainment industry to reach inside virtual reality and target the gamer while he's in his element, while also harnessing the economic power of the gamers to raise the quality level of the content on offer."

Also :

The resort features a 1,000-unit apartment complex, a shopping mall, a stadium for sporting events, 10 hunting biodomes, a nightclub, and an amphitheater. As owner, Jacobs rules the land and will decide what plays over the space station's public address system and what videos play on the many billboards and in biodomes. For a fee, he can also advertise on Calypso via a video billboard network.

Entropia money available at cash-machines :

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