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RightWing political party in the UnitedKingdom.

Led by NigelFarage. Successor to UKIP

Quora Answer : The Brexit Party is falling apart, what will their voters and supporters do?

Dec 5, 2019

Vote Conservative.

The Brexit Party is "falling apart" because it was just a lobbying organization to pull the Tories to a far-right Brexit position.

Now the Tories have basically arrived there. And even Donald Trump is ringing up Farage to tell him to work with Boris, there's no real need for the Brexit party.

Obviously if you paid money for the privilege of being part of this scam, then I feel sorry for you. But that's what it is.

The Brexit Party is now very explicitly promoting itself as the party that will help the Tories win in Labour controlled marginals, by splitting off the working class Brexit supporters from Labour.

To do so, it doesn't need Tories (and notice that the people leaving the party are ex-Tories going back to the Tories) and needs to pretend that it's a pro- working class party. Which I'm sure it's trying very hard to do.

If you ARE a pro-Brexit voter in those areas where the Brexit party is still playing this game, then :

a) I think you should think very carefully about what Farage is doing, and why. (Election shock: Farage's cunning plan to snatch Leave seats in North sees Boris claim win)

b) I do urge you to remember that Corbyn has fought very hard, and taken a lot of criticism, for not allowing Labour to be turned into a simplistic Remain party. But has stood up for the principle that Labour voters can still make their final decision on Brexit in a new referendum, completely independently of voting Labour for other reasons in this election. And no other party leader has taken that stand.

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