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Campaign / protest organization and slogan created in response to the large numbers of black people killed by the police in the US.

Quora Answer : Do you have any idea why Derek Chauvin kept George Floyd's neck under his boot, choking him for nearly 9 minutes, when he could see that he was being filmed? Did he really believe he was justified?

Jun 6, 2020

We don't know.

But the exact "why" isn't the point.

The point is that he wasn't concerned that there would be consequences for him for doing it.

I, personally, presume that he wasn't intending to kill Floyd.

But again, that means nothing. What was important is that he wasn't expecting that anyone would give a shit that he was hurting and risking the life of a black civilian.

His colleagues weren't trying to stop him. They weren't trying to drag him off. Even if he was being filmed he wasn't worried that it would cost him his job, or his freedom. He didn't feel any pressure to have to be responsible for, or careful of, the screaming guy he was choking to death.

Black Lives Matter is not really about "a bastard racist cop killed a black man. So let's get to the bottom of why he did it."

BLM is about "a cop killed a black man unnecessarily, and no-one is going to give a shit unless we scream about it."

It's that "no-one is going to give a shit" that is the real problem. And the real crime here. And it's why the police need a major overhaul. The entire structure is rotten. And must be dismantled and rebuild from scratch.

Quora Answer : Are protests regarding George Floyd really protests against Donald Trump as president?

Jun 8, 2020

The protests didn't start as protest against Donald Trump as president.

Once Trump decided to side with the cops against the protesters, they became about him too.

Imagine if the day after the video of Floyd's murder got out, Donald Trump had been on Twitter tweeting what an outrage it was, and how he was personally going to DO SOMETHING about reforming the police and ensuring that it never happened again.

Just imagine that scenario for a minute. Trump puts on his populist hat, realizes that there's something very wrong with the way cops are trained. Promises that he'll fix that and ensure that there are no more cops murdering black people.

He wouldn't even have to DO anything. If he just said it ... said he was sure some cops were very good people, but the bad apples were letting them down and he was going to demand that police chiefs fire the bad apples.

Imagine that scenario. Trump's re-election in November would be in the bag. He'd have already won the election.

Suddenly a huge tranche of the black community might well be ready to give him a chance. He'd tell the Republican law-and-order constituency that he wasn't against cops but that he would be tough on the cops that let the cops down.

There's already a constituency for that among conservatives.

If Trump had recognised the validity of the complaint from the start and echoed it, he'd suddenly be a national hero. COVID be damned.

And whatever anti-Trump sentiment was lurking in the protest movement would have quickly been excluded.

So why didn't Trump even pretend to be on the side of the protesters?

Quora Answer : Why did the founders of Black Lives Matters choose to use the political ideology of Marxism in their organization?

Jul 10, 2020

It doesn't work like that.

Black Lives Matter are standing up for oppressed and abused people. Marxism is also a philosophy created to stand up for oppressed and abused people.

So there's convergent evolution, just like the way whales and dolphins kind of look like fish. Even though they are mammals.

Any movement that stands up for the oppressed is going to look kind of like Marxism - especially to those who want to continue the oppression - because the evolutionary pressure that shapes its contours is the same.