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Context: OnFascism

People organizing to oppose the rise of fascism. (Or what they perceive to be nascent fascism.)

Quora Answer : Why do male leftist/Marxist Antifa members seem so effeminate, physically pathetic and weak?

Aug 20, 2017

Many fascists fetishize bodily fitness (and the ability to inflict violence through it)

Consider the classic skinhead look / lifestyle.

It's a cult of political action through aggressive violence. You'd expect people with these obsessions to put some effort into getting good at it.

Antifa, though, is composed of many decent, non-violent, people who are only very reluctantly realizing the necessity to engage in direct confrontation against the threat of fascism. They haven't spent their lives trying to turn their bodies into weapons. They haven't been preparing for race-war or survivalism. For 99.999% of them, this is a fight forced upon them rather than a lifestyle choice.

In an ideal world, they'd have better things to do with their lives.