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PageRank does it.

Here's a critique of Memorandum :

I've always thought the secret of success was not to follow too closely what everyone else reads and thinks but play the MinorityGame and keep a PersonalWiki.

A comment I made on my SmartDisorganizedIndividuals blog :

Maybe I'm missing the point, but wouldn't blog personalization be better done on the individual's machine? Ie. what about trying to solve the problem of finding what’s relevant to you in the 300 feeds you subscribe to, based on local information available in those feeds. People with patience (or fast connections / machines) can expand that list.

Maybe there are ways that people can also re-export some of the crunching that goes on on their local machine. Eg. if your smart aggregator has ranked all the posts in the 300 feeds it receives by some calculated relevance to you, why shouldn't it be able to export that ranking, and my aggregator can monitor that information and use it as a hint for weighting those posts for me.

DaveWiner putting pieces together :

Contrast :

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